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💄Gossip, 📹 videos and 🐛 bug report

New channels in the discord server

The Figure Skating Stats Discord server is growing day by day and today I've added three new channels.

The first I'm gonna tolk about is the #💄-gossip one!

This channel is made to share constantly news about the figure skating world.

The idea is to share a mean of five news every day. The mean depends of course on the season (competition vs holydays).

I though it'd be a great improvement to the server and that could give new things to talk and discuss about in the #🤸-general channel.

The #📹-videos channel is used to notify where to find on demand videos or live streaming of upcoming and recently ended competitions.

It'll be for sure helpfull for all the ones that would like to follow the event watching the competitions in real time or when they have time to.

It'd be helpfull for judges too for obvious reasons.

The 🐛-bug report channel is more a service channel where users can report a bug as shown in the fixed message:

How to report a bug?


Operating System: Andorid, IOs, Windows, Mac, Linux

Web Brawser: only if used: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari...

Description: Describe the bug you found and what were you doing when that happened

How to reproduce it: If possible add a step by step list of action to reproduce the bug.



Operating System: Android 10

Description: The bot reply with the wrong channel

How to reproduce it:

  • Go to the #🤸-general channel

  • Write the rules command

That is of course helpful for me 😊

That said I go back to work on new cool updates both for discord server and website.

Author: Fantantonio 

Date: 08-12-2020

Categories: news service

Tags: #discord #update