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📰 Update 20210210#03

In the past few days I had a hard time...

Hello readers and welcome to a new random update.

In the past few days I had a hard time 😣 working on the Syers update so I am a bit tired while I'm writing.

All started when it was time to upload new content to the database.

Add competitions

The positive side

Of course there's a lot to talk about the positive side of adding content to the database.

I made it so easy that I just have to add few competition info, the details link and just press 👇 a button.

From that all the public results of the competition are imported in the database and that makes a huge difference from having to import all that data manually one by one.

Thanks to the huge work I made on the scraping function I was able to upload more than 130 competitions from season 2012/2013 till now.

But...there's a but!

The negative side

It's all so cool till the details page I am trying to import is well generated.

But happens quite often that it's not well generated due to small differences like a comma instead of a dot, or because just one of the judges doesn't has a "Mr."/"Ms." before their name or due to the fact that the final result page has never been uploaded and there's still the "live-preview" one.

Those are only few examples of what can happen and, every time, I have to go back to the code 💻, debug the problem, and develop an exception for just that problem.

The scraping function becomes better day by day and knows how to handle pages with errors but it's quite a boring work to do 😅

New problems

After importing so lot of data, pages that shows competitions podium preview became slower 🐌 to load.

It's not something unacceptable considering how many results are inside the database but is something to take in consideration for sure.

Other than that I started visiting my own website testing all the features and so new bugs 🐛pop out...

I have now six open issues in the GitHub repo and one more that's closed (I started adding them today so...).

That increase the loads of work I have to complete before I can release the Syers Update.

Fortunately most of the bugs doesn't seem to be hard to solve so hopefully I can get rid of them quickly 🐱‍🏍.

Let's stay positive

That all said, it's also true that Figure Skating Stats is now the figure skating ⛸ website with the biggest results database 😎! (at least as I know)

As you read before there are more than 130 competitions with more than 2100 athletes, 8000 free skating results and 9000 short program results.

All major championships from season 2012/13 to season 2020/21 has been added with only few exceptions:

  • Competition details not generated by ISUCalc

  • Competition details with some mistakes not yet allowed by the scraping function

and more will be added soon.

This only to remember the lot of work that has been done till now!

If you want to help me 🤗, the best thing you can do is to share this website with your friends and follow the discord server.

Cheers 👋

Author: Fantantonio 

Date: 10-02-2021

Categories: service

Tags: #update #website