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🎉 Syers Update released

A new major update is out

I am really happy 😁 to share with you this update! When I started planning the objectives for this update things were going on slowly 🐌 and my free time was lot less so I decided not to be too ambitious. Things has gone in the right direction for me and that's why you have a new update after less then two weeks 🚀 from the last one.

What will Syers Update add to the Figure Skating Stats project?

Lot of things has been already uploaded through the random update system: - Adds Pairs upload system - Adds Ice Dance upload system - Adds Pairs and Ice Dance GUI - Do a minimal restyling and solve graphical bugs - Manage DNS - Import all ISU Championships since season 2012/13 Adding this new things generated new bugs 🐛 to solve. So before the final release I solved those issues and some of them where quite challenging. I also solved old 👨‍🦳 bugs that where still there since the beginning. The only issue I didn't solved is the numbered pagination problem that collimate with the slowness of loading index page. That's because I'm going to work on a refactoring of the page in the new update.

Next Update

The name for the next update chosen in the discord server is Heiss in honor of Carol Elizabeth Heiss Jenkins; she became the 1960 Olympic champion, the 1956 Olympic silver medalist, and a five-time World champion 🏆 (1956–1960). Talking generally Heiss Update will brings a new index page; something that will add a quick overview to the all website with the last competitions, articles, leaderboards and stuff like that. The discord server too will receive an update because I want to add new channels, commands etc. From the last update something is going wrong with the gossip Cog and the bot 🤖 isn't sharing new articles. Why are you asking? I have to figure it out! 🕵️‍♂️ I also need to add the upload images 📁 feature to the blog because it's a must feature for a blog and I want to do a bit of code polishing adding new rules to my code writhing flow and commenting all the functions and classes. I can't promise you to release the next update as quickly as this one but never say ever!

As always, if you want to help me 🤗, the best thing you can do is to share this website with your friends and follow the discord server.

Cheers 👋

Author: Fantantonio 

Date: 16-02-2021

Categories: service

Tags: #update #website