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📰 Update 20210219#04

The Heiss branch is taking shape day by day

This morning I made a quick but cool update that can already be tested directly on the website.

I am working on the Heiss branch since last article and it's taking shape day by day! I already added some cool features I'm sure you'll appreciate 😉.

Home page

First of all I renewed the home page and now it's lot cooler 🕶 than before. The idea is to have all accessible from that page so blog, competitions, leaderboards etc... has their own container. Following this idea I added the Join the Community container with the link to the discord server and to the telegram channel.

Quick Access

I then added a Quick Access container where I will add some useful links like the one I already added "🏆 All Championships that allows you to get an ordered and orderable table with all the competitions inside the database.

Search Athlete

I also added the Search Athlete 🔎 feature in a dedicated container. You can now search an athlete by name, surname, even part of it and be redirected to the athlete profile page or to an ordered and orderable table of athletes. All the athletes name and/or surname in that list corresponds to the words inserted in the search input fiels.

Code polishing

I had a little bit of time ⌚ to spend on the code polishing! It's lot usefull to follow some simple coding rules because enable you the possibility to remember better how things works and to find quikly functions, classes and so on. I still have quite lot to do on this side but it's a good start 🏁.

Google Analytics

When I added the policy page to the website I wasn't yet using Google Analytics. With this update Google Analytics 📉 is up and running. In my opinion it is important to specify why I am using such a thing and what I am going to use those data for. I am interested in the length/width of devices and in the web browser used to surf the website this will help me to test the new features with the most common specifications. I am also interested in knowing how people reach the website so that I will be able to find better ways to let interested people know about this community. It's also usefull to know how people surf the website to undestand what are the most used rutes to reach specific pages. That will allows me to know which links aren't necessary and so which ones can be removed 🗑 to make space for other content. So as you can see I'll use those data to develop a better user experience.

Discord, gossip & bot

I mentioned the gossip 💄 problem (the bot that doesn't reposting articles) also last time and rebooting the server apparently solved the problem...don't ask me why because it's been totally unespected. I am going to check it for few days before saying it's solved. Anyway I added three new commands to the FIgure Skating Stats Bot 🤖: - !invite: return the discord server invitation link - !telegram: return the telegram channel url - !website: return the website url

and I am going to focus my effort more on the discord server soon.

I wish you a nice day 🌞

Cheers 👋

Author: Fantantonio 

Date: 19-02-2021

Categories: service

Tags: #update #website #discord